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    Adobe 8.2 custom installation


      Hello everyone,


      I'm trying to prepare a custom installation of Adobe 8.2. With the 9, I normally download the .exe file and then uncompress it to get the MSI file and the Setup.ini. Now, when I download the 8.2, I already get an MSI file, and I am unable to modify it using the Adobe Customization 8 software. It says I need to have a Setup.ini file, to I created an empty one and the Adobe Customization software wrote on it. It still doesn't work so I'm suspecting some other files are required to make the MSI run the custom installation.


      Does anybody knows how to make this work? All I basically need is Adobe 8.2 silent install without auto-update and desktop shortcut.


      I downloaded it on: http://get.adobe.com/fr/reader/otherversions/, I couldn't find the .exe I could uncompress and get the "usual" files.