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    Canon HF200 AVCHD Playback


      I have a Canon HF200 digital videocamera recording in AVCHD format to a memory card.  I am using Premiere Elements 8.0 (trial) and can succesfully get the .mts files from the camera to my computer and play them back in the Organizer.   However, when I create a project in Premiere Elements the playback in the storyline editor doe snot work.  The same .mts files play fine with the Pixela software that came with the camera and in the Premiere Organizer.  I have tried a variety of AVCHD project types including 1080 and 1440.  I think the issue is that Canon states they store all frame rates 24p, 30p, and 60 i (60i is standard) as 60i in the file.  Does Premiere Elements support AVCHD stored as 1440 60i?  If so, what's up with the storyline playback?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There should be a project preset in Premiere Elements for AVCHD 60i in in Premiere Elements 8. Are you using that project setting?


          Also, do you have the requisite quad core processor and 4 gigs of RAM to work with AVCHD?

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            wjdonnelly Level 1



            Yes, I have tried all of the Premiere Elements presets for AVCHD, but none

            seem to work.  Four appear to be offered:  1080i 30 Full HD (with 2 channel

            or 5.1 audio) and 1080i 30 HD (with 2 channel or 5.1 audio).  The later is

            for 1440 x 1080.  Note, the presets include "30" in the title.  Canon

            mentions in their manual that all AVCHD files are stored as 60i regardless

            of the native format (e.g. 60i, 30 p, and 24 p).  This lead me to think the

            project presets expected 30p and the files were interlaced causing an issue.

            Perhaps this is a red herring?



            I have recorded both the default HF200 format (1440 x 1080, 60i) and the

            progressive (1440x 1080, 30p) and neither playback in the editor.  I am

            running Windows XP on a Dell Latitude laptop with a dual core Pentium and 4

            GB of RAM.  Playback is fine in the Premiere Organizer and the Pixela

            software which came with the camera.


            Some questions:


            -- Is there something funny with editing in the trial version?


            -- Is playback in the editor fundamentally different than in the Organizer?

            And does this create problems due to system limitations?  I read AVCHD can

            be demanding to edit.


            -- Should I use the Pixela software for the capture and covert the video to

            an easier to edit format?  If so, so you have any advice?





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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              As far as the trial version goes, the only difference is that the trial places a PrE banner on the Exported footage. There is an entry in the FAQ section (to the right of the main forum page), that will tell you how to remove that, if you go to the full-paid version. I feel confident that all Presets are in the trial.


              Now, as for the 60i, that is not exactly FPS (Frames Per Second), but Fields Per Second. With Interlaced footage it's the Interlaced (2 Fields, alternating) Fields that are displayed. You should get what you want with a 30 Frames Per Second (made up of 2 Fields).


              As I do not shoot HD, I'm not the person to help with the other questions - sorry.



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                wjdonnelly Level 1



                Thanks for the reply.  Yes, agreed, 2 fields per frame for interlaced video.

                Does Premiere Elements read AVCHD recorded as 60i, i.e. does the editor

                support the de-interlacing?  The AVCHD presets are all labeled "1080i 30"

                which confuses me.



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                  wjdonnelly Level 1

                  Quick update....


                  Using the Pixela software (that comes with the unit)  I was able to load, edit and export to mpeg-2 the AVCHD clips without issue.  I think this rules out hardware limitations.