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    Adding Text / Subtitles


      Hey all,


      I am some what new to working with Premier Pro CS4 and After Effect CS4 but know the basics and have a problem.


      I have a project that has been built partially in both after effects and premier with the final cutting of various videos and the final version done in premier.  Now the problem is that I need to add names of people as they come on screen, and premier appears to not have any useful tool for doing so besides adding a title (not helpful).


      Is there any way for me to avoid having to redo all of my cuts on the imported videos (that I have already cut in premier) in after effects just so I can add the names to the project?  I really don't want to import the semi-finished version into after effects after exporting it from premier just to add names and then render out, import to premier, and then re-export again.


      Yell at me if I am being dumb!