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    Internet works, browsers don't.


      This is going to sound crazy, but here goes:


      I was using Chrome, and got one of those annoying ads that pops up in your current window, with the "skip this ad" button at the top right.


      I then got an error from flash, something along the lines of "Adobe couldn't open this file"
      The website I was browsing then went to a blank page with the text "Adobe couldn't load this page"
      I then got an error code from chrome, something about a fault in memory, which I foolishly didn't write down.


      Chrome now instantly gives the "Oh snap, couldn't load page" message for any page I try to load.


      Firefox works for a few minutes, and then closes.  Sites like gmail or anything that I need to log in to cause it to stop functioning.  Additionally, when I X out it closes the screen but still runs in the background and I have to ctrl+alt+del to exit it.  This problem is listed identically on other forums, always consistent with a flash error.


      Safari works initially, and then just goes slower and slower as if using massive amounts of memory until my computer just freezes altogether.


      I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling chrome and flash multiple times, along with the other browsers, to no avail.  Programs like AIM, Skype, and online games all work fine.


      I'm going crazy here -- any suggestions would be awesome.