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    Getting Flex to Listen for URL Opening?


      I'm trying to find out if this is even possible and if so, can anyone make any suggestions as to how I can get it working :)

      I want to be able to link from an external application to my Flex application. For example, if someone e-mails me a link, e.g. http://www.myurl.com/myflexapp.swf?id=999, then the Flex application will open and automatically go to whatever id=999 and open the Flex application in a browser. I can do this with Flex deep linking.

      However, I want to extend this functionality. If I already have an instance of the Flex application running and someone clicks a link like the above, is there any way for my already open Flex app to somehow listen for this URL? So rather than open a new instance of the Flex app, it will simply open the instance of the app and display id=999.

      If I'm not being clear with the question, I can clarify any details. Hope someone can make a suggestion, thanks!