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    Word Import - Multiple issues - RH8

    Ian Dewar



      I am new to RH and have RH8. I am facing several problems.


      1.  When importing most Word docs I get a Server Busy warning. This eventually goes after selecting Retry several times.


      2.  I have a 400 page Word document to import. It appears to start to import OK (despite above warning), but when the import is complete there is no content - although the project files appear to have been created.


      Are the above problems due to the size of the document and power of my PC (I have 1GB RAM in a Dell Optiplex GX280)? Although even small documents seem to throw up the Server Busy warning.


      3.  I am working around the above issue by importing multiple small sections (less than ideal but seem to work). But when the first document is imported, the TOC is settting Headings 1 and 2 as Books with no content - the associated sub-sections (i.e. 1.1, 1.1.1. etc all come in as topics with the required text).  What am I doing wrong here?


      Thank you