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    CS4 on a PC - Ctrl S problem on existing file

    Jennie G

      I have just come from the dark ages of CS2 and moved onto CS4.  On CS2 I did used to encounter an intermitant problem which I could work around which was if I opened an exiting eps file and made changes and did ctrl s (save) it would do it's little blue bar moving thingi and then disappear when done.  I would then top cross the file and it would say 'Do you want to save changes?'  So I would ctrl s again and the same thing.  The way round this was save as and call it a different name. A pain but workable.


      On CS4 now... I do the amendments, ctrl s top cross the file then note that it actually hasn't saved my changes!!! Massive problem and I am not a happy bunny. Am I just being dim?