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    I "think" I downloaded ACR 5.6 - PLEASE confirm


      I downloaded (successfully I think) ACR 5.6 for PSE 7.0 Windows Vista (64 bit).  Here's where I'm confused.  In the EDIT mode, when I select HELP > About Plug-ins >.Camera RAW -  it cofirms I have ACR 5.6.   BUT...when I open a RAW file and select the "camera calibration" icon, it still says ACR 4.4 under camera profile.  However, now the camera profile list also includes the various camera styes below ACR 4.4 such as Adobe Standard, Camera Portrait, Camera Landscape, etc.


      So...have I or have I not been successful with the ACR 5.6 download????


      Any feedback on this issue is greatly appreciated!