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    Help! Tripod in the shot!


      Hey everyone,


      I'm kind of in an emergency situation here. I recently cut my short film using adobe premiere; I am premiering it next week and I just realized that the tripod is in one of my shots!!! Normally, I would export the frame and just photoshop it out, but in this scene a character actually climbs out of a froest/wood area and walks in front of the tripod itself (tripod is in the distance in the woods, fairly camoflaged but not nearly enough for my liking). I need to find a quick and effective way to erase the tripod until/while the character walks over it in the shot.


      I have the adobe master collection and assume that AE is the best tool for the job; however, I'm not sure how to go about this. I'm concerned I'll have to rotoscope it frame by frame and I don't know if I'l have enough time to do that sort of work by next week!