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    Illegal Characters Newly found in RH8 Project




      I need some help. I opened my RH7 project in RH8 for the first time, and received error messages complaining of file names having illegal characters and I am unable to import ANYTHING (Master pages, images, HTML files, etc.) because the items have illegal characters.


      Let me say that I've never had problems like this using RH7, in fact, I believe I initially created the project using RH6. In any case, I read a similar thread on this forum and decided that perhaps my Project Title and Project Name are invalid, since they both have apostrophes ("XX YY User's Guide"). So, I renamed them (using RH8, of course) to "XX YY User Guide" and now, things are VERY SCREWED UP. I've attached the dialog box that I now receive, it's cycling through every single topic in my project (~50 topics), and I'm getting tired of clicking OK.


      Is there any quick fix for this problem, or do I need to just start anew?


      Using: RH8, Windows XP.

      Images/Topics/Master Pages: Names have underscores, but I believe those are legal; never had an issue before migrating to RH8. No spaces or other illegal characters.


      Thank you...any help would be appreciated. I've never come across this problem before, even with the apostrophes in the Project Title/Name.