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    Volume License's of OnLocation

    llaferte Level 1

      Has anyone ever tried to purchase additional licenses for OnLocation?  I called Adobe Sales and the first guy said you have to buy multiple copies of P-Pro, the next guy said you can't get additional copies becuse OnLocation will not work without P-Pro, the next guy said I'd have to talk to volume licensing and he transferred me.  Who ever picked up at "volume licensing" collected every bit of information available about me - short of blood type, and then told me I have to speak with volume licensing!


      Has anyone ever tried to do this?  Who did you call?

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          Matt Petersen Level 3

          Please don't take this as a definitive answer, but I looked at my faculty's spreadsheet (supplied by Adobe) that shows all products available under our VL, and OnLocation is NOT listed there.


          I can confirm however that OL runs happily on a computer without PP. So I think Guy # 1 may have been right.


          If I were you, I'd email Adobe VL store, or perhaps a local VAR and ask them to confirm in writing.



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