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    Premiere to Encore problems...any advice?

    lyndzydawn222 Level 1

      I'm about to rip my hair out so somebody please help me with this! I am new to using Encore, and am in desperate need of some guidance. Have looked on plenty of other forums and found no anwers. So here it is:


      I have edited a HD sequence in Premiere, frame rate 29.97, it looks great. Then I send it to Encore through Dynamic link. All is well except when there is motion like a golf swing see below.. I've tried different export methods like P2 movie and Mpeg2 but i get the same problem. I've also tried different codecs and quality settings. Is this a interlacing problem? codec? frame rate? field order? bitrate? Is it something insanely simple that I am missing? ANY advice would be incredibly appreciated.