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    Problem With Flash CS4.


      Hey all,



      I recently installed Adobe Flash Player CS4. After 2 days, it came up with a message saying "Licensing Agreement Expired". I found a few solutions which advised me to knock my clock back. So I did. Now, it comes up with a licensing agreement form, asking me to 'accept', 'decline' or 'cancel'. I click 'accept'- the window closes and nothing happens.


      People have told me I need to deactivate the serial code. They all say the same:


      Go to "Help" then select "Deactivate".

      Next checkmark the box "Delete Serial From Computer Option" and hit okay.





      Where is "Help"? I don't see a Help when I open up CS4. I open up Adobe Flash CS4 and the agreement comes up, when I click 'accept'; it disappears and nothing happens.


      Can anyone help?