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    Flex 3 / Flash 9 Problems


      I am running a Flex 3 Student version and have been doing successfully for a while now. The other day I reformatted and went back to XP ever since I've had the oddest problem with Flex 3.

      I installed Flex 3 and with it the bundles Flash 9 version. This is where it starts getting interesting. The ActiveX plugin and the Gecko / Webkit plugin worked just fine when I went to, say YouTube. BUT if I actually tried to develop with Flex and wrote a simple app like:

      // attached code

      It won't show anything. Flash loads in the browser (when you right click the app Flash 9 Preferences show up) but it just won't run - there's no debugging errors, no pop ups no nothing.
      I went ahead and uninstalled Flash and the plugins and followed the Adobe Support Site http://www.adobe.com/go/tn_19166 to get flash installed again on a non working version of IE. During Flash 9 reinstall I kept getting the error that it wouldn't work on IE. FF / Safari etc. browsers are doing fine again and have flash (but still _no_ output from Flex during development). IE is dead and has no plugin at all.

      I fixed my registry thinking that was the problem - didn't change. I did all the installs with the browsers not running and rebooted between uninstall and reinstall.

      I'm just puzzled as to why the plugin works for normal websites, but a simple Alert.show() won't do anything in Flex.

      I'd appreciate any help on this issue even a nudge in the right direction for documentation.

      Thanks in advance,