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    MP3 mixing

    dr.Evol Level 1
      This is not a question for this forum but anyway.. Im woring on flash app which allows mixing of two or more mp3s. What I need is a .Net activeX component which is able to do mixing of mp3 files (one over another) and produces a new mp3 file.
      Im moe a Flash than a .Net developer so I dont have any idea where to search for it..
      So.. if anyone knows for this kind of component, please let me know!

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          Flash Actions Level 1
          hmm, sounds like you should use flash media server. but Im not sure how to impliment this. but im working on something similar.
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            dr.Evol Level 1
            yes, media server is the first thing you think of, but the problem is that it is a streaming server - you have to stream something to it and then it can save the stream in a local file. So, you could basically play anything within flash, stream it to media server, media server records it and then you can download it as a file.
            But the entire process is very bandwidth and time consuming since you'll have to play the track in realtime to record it...
            Im not very familiar with the media2 server, but i'm sure it cannot grab local mp3s and recreate a new mp3 file.

            I've been googling for a mp3 merging solution.. there are programs out there which can take more mp3s and stick it together in one long track. And they need 2 secs for that... I've also found some activex components which are able to do some manipulations over the audio files but none of them can be used to merge together two or more mp3s in a "mixed up" way...