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    AS old and new question

    Deaf Mike Level 1



      I am editing an old (2006) Flash file that was left over from a previous designer.  He used AS 3.  I noticed that old and new AS (F9) panels are different.  I've looked everywhere in the new version to find the timeline functions that you can just double click on to add to the AS panel [see image] but can't find them.


      Is it possible to still access these "easy to use" older list of AS items in the new AS panel?



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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          Scroll down to Flash.display. Then select MovieClip, then select Methods. Remember that you can only attach AS3 to frames, not to individual objects.

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            Deaf Mike Level 1

            Sorry I didn't back to you sooner on this.  Thanks for replying.  I found it in the AS menu.  But my follow-up question is - if you can't put these commands on an actual button but need to put it on the timeline, how will you tell the various buttons to act the way i want them to?


            For example, I've created this slideshow:




            See the 1-2-3-4 buttons in lower right?  For button 1 I have:


            on (release) {




            and so on.


            How would I do this same thing for each buttons and put the AS on the timeline?

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              assign each a distinct name in the properties panel and use that name to reference your button with actionscript:




              function buttonF(e:Event){




              addendum:  something doesn't make sense.  if you're editing an as3 file the code you posted would be rejected by the compiler.