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    Alert Error



      We design forms in DesignPro Tools which is a Xerox product and then convert them to pdfs.  We then use Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional to lay down fillable fields, then add Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES v8.2 for usage rights.  Once the form is ready, we promote the pdf to our web server. 


      When we access the pdf on the website, we have a new e-mail feature (CDO.Message object) that enables you to e-mail the pdf to yourself (we use Microsoft Outlook).  We get this error when we open the pdf attachment.


      "There was an error while trying to parse an image."


      We have tried different scenarios, using a pdf with fillable fields, without fillable fields, with Reader Extensions, without Reader Extensions.  We only get this error when Reader Extensions is added.


      Any help will be appreciated!!