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    Multicam is extremely slow



      When I have a lot of multicam cuts on timeline - playback of video is extremely slow.

      It is because of audio.

      If I disable audio cuts, or turn off audio - all works OK.

      Even if I delete all audio from source of multicam - this bug does not disappear.

      Here is my project.

      You can try it by yourself, just try to play offline video with audio enabled and disabled to see difference

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          Malcevi Level 1

          Forgot to say that this project for CS4.

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            joshtownsend Level 2

            You must have forgot click on the "make multicam work right on whatever my computer is with whatever codec I'm using" checkbox.


            Just joking. We need to know your comuter specs and what type of footage your editing including the codec. The project file by it's self is useless without the media attached all it tells me is that your most likely trying to edit PAL mini-dv footage.


            Try to render out just the audio and stick it back in your timeline with th over the old audio and see if that works. It's not a fix but it looks like you already have your project cut.

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              Malcevi Level 1

              Just open my project and you will see difference.

              You see that even offline audio files are very slow.

              Therefore it is impossible make normal multi-cam.

              I think it is big bug of adobe.

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                joshtownsend Level 2

                I did open it that how I knew you video is PAL SD. The video and the audio are still on your computer there is nothing for me to see other.

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                  Malcevi Level 1

                  Just push play and count in how many seconds it starts playing with audio enabled and disabled.

                  I have those results - 5 sec with audio enabled and momentally with disabled.

                  All that I test with offline media


                  This situation is only with audio which was cut in multi-cam.

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                    I have the same problem with the performance.

                    I am editting the last few months a lot with multicam and very strange things happen with the performance.

                    Lets first explain how I work lately:

                    First I take care that all my video sources are in the same (simple) format. So no MP3 sound file or MPEG video files. That takes too much performance from my PC.

                    I make one timeline TL_Sources with all my sources; 4 (sometimes 6) cams and 1 or 2 soundtracks. I bring them all in sync. Then I copy this time line and name it TL_Sound. I shift all sound tracks on my original down so I have track 1 free. Then I pull the sound part only from TL_Sound to this free soundtrack 1. In this way I can choose freely which cam-sound or soundtrack (from separate sound recorders) is used at which moment, mix them, put any effects and so on. But for the first edit I just select one of the sound sources and/or cam-soundtracks. All video tracks are disabled, ecept one, just for reference when editting audio.

                    Next timeline is TL_Main_Target, I put TL_Sources on it and make this a multi-cam. Here I decide which cam come when. As My soundtrack is on track 1, I don't have to worry on switching sound. Normally everything works fine up to now and my first edit goes smoothly and no rendering is needed. Sound is also no problem.

                    Bu then I decide for just one scene that the sound of an other cam should be used. So switch to timeline TL_Sound, and make some small adjustments (change volume to zero for one clip and move it up for an other, or something like that). When I now return to my TL_Main_target, I can wait for an a very long time (one hour simetimes) because ALL audio needs re-rendering!

                    Ok, no problem, no problem, don't get mad.

                    Let's asume thats all change in audio and I go on and everything work smoothly again. But now its time to sleep. Wake up next day, start PC and project and...... Wait 1 second before the playback starts! Render the whole timeline; no difference.

                    So next time, don't stop Premiere and leave PC on the whole night.

                    Then I make a copy of TL_Main_Target to TL_Guest_one. (my project is a talkshow of a bit more then one hour, three guests, one column and one music part). I remove most of the timeline and keep only the part with guest one. Imake sme edits, overlays of pictures ect. Everything ok. Do the same for guest 2, the music part and the column. And then suddenly, when I do exactly the same for guest 3 (but sometimes also with guest 2) the same sh.. happens and the system gets very slow and I have to wait again for one second for playbacks start.


                    Yes, I can export my audio and import it again in TL_Main_target and then it works fine. But do I have to export/import after each small change? forget it, this is the best product in video editting. Why is video, which needs a lot of PC-power working fine, but audio, which is much less data and PC-performance so slow?

                    Does it help to have a special soundcard?


                    My System: Asus P5K Pro board with Intel quad core on 2,5 Ghz, 8 GB memmory, Windows Pro 64 bits (have the same issue on the 32 bits version), 4 separate HD-spindels so I can divide all sources over more HD's, Gforce 9600. NO SOUNDCARD yet (only on-board sound) I think I will buy a soundcard this week)

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                      ReneLaan Level 1

                      Just to be clear; I am not a Pro, just a good willing amateur. The talkshow is local by volenteers and the 5 parts of max 10 minutes are only published on the web site of the local newspaper: http://www.hartvanholland-online.nl/rubriek.php?cat=De Mond Vol

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                        Malcevi Level 1

                        What I want to say, that adobe has a great bug with multi-cam.

                        It is impossible to work with it.

                        It is easier to make multicam in edius, than in premiere.

                        I think that they have to remove that problem.

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                          ReneLaan Level 1

                          I agree its a big bug that needs to be solved.

                          But for the time beeing, the workaround is to disable the soundtrack in the timeline where you do the multicam and drag the soundtrack of the source timeline directly to soundtrack 2 of the multicam timeline. Do only the cam switches in this timeline, no cutting and deleting. Make a new timeline and drag the multicam timeline on it. Then do all the real editting, cutting overlay ect. This works (performance) fast and easy, your video and sound stay in sync.

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