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    RoboHelp 7 Updates vs. Version Problem

    Gloria Mc Level 1

      I have RoboHelp 7 as part of the Tech.Comm. Suite. I started having persistent crashes when creating a very small Frame-RoboHelp Help project (using correct methods per the tutorial by RJ Jaquez). So I looked for updates and saw three for RoboHelp 7.0. I attempted to update RH using the Updater but it failed. so I went to the Support/Updates page and updated from there. Now my Add-Remove says that I have RH v. 7.0.3, but the Help > About says that the version is 7.00.145, which I'm pretty sure is not 7.0.3.(Or is it? There is no way to tell as far as I can discern.)


      Please let me know which is correct - Help > About or the Add-Remove version. And if something is not right here, what would my next steps be? I hate the idea of having to remove RoboHelp completely/re-installing, but I will do so if needed.


      One note: this software is on a client's computer, not my personal computer. In looking around, I see that the RoboHelp Help > Registration is active. Is this feature available if you have already registered? I'm thinking maybe the client did not register the software, and maybe that's why the updates are not working?


      Sorry if I'm rambling, I'm just trying to move ahead with the FM-RH Help and this version question has me confused.


      Thanks much,

        --Gloria Mc