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    How to select and move objects on multiple layers

    TerryGbert Level 1

      Coming from Photoshop...  how do I move the contents of multiple layers across the page at one time?


      In photoshop, i would click on one or more layesr in the Layers panel, and then use the move tool to move them all on the page. How do I do that in Fireworks? It seems to be too basic to be documented anywhere I have seen but the interaction is very different. I tried  ctrl-clicking on multiple layers and sometimes is seems to work. the objects are selected and I can move them. Other times, it just refused to select anything or it only select the object within one of the selected layers.


      It sort of looks like selecting a layer selects objects in that layer unless the layer has a child layer. Is that true? Seems a strange limitation if it is.


      I saw a comment somewhere that suggrested grouping and ungrouping which seems a little complicated for a basic editing action. Also, if it won't select the objects on all of the selected layers.


      I'm guessing that I'm missing a basic concept in Fireworks here.