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    Win2K IE Bugged?

      I have a complex web application with multiple servers, multiple html pages(javascript) and multiple swf's all communicating with one another. Everything works fine prior to Flash 8. Everything works fine with Flash 8 except Win2K IE. After thoroughly reading the new security policies for Flash 8, I realized that our site should not be working on any platform the way it was coded, but it does. I assumed that the reason it wasn't working on Win2K IE was that it was the only platform that was properly implementing the new security policy, but this was not true either. Even with the correct security settings, it still does not work.

      The main problem area is flash-javascript communications inside of a frames document. The flash secuirty documentation says that flash checks the url in the browser window (which is different from the acutal URL of the page inside of a frame) and the allowScriptAccess setting determines if flash can make javascript calls.

      Setting the allowScriptAccess to "always" should fix the problem, but doesn't.

      If I load the page without frames (the address url domain matches the swf domain) it works fine, but if the page is loaded inside of a frame with a different domain in the address bar it doesn't work.

      I also have a crossdomain policy file on both servers that I know works, and I've also added System.security.allowDomain("*") to the swf file just to be sure and it still does not work.

      My conclusion is the Win2K IE is bugged.

      Has anyone else had similar problems with Win2K IE?