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    Imagerenderer in a Datagrid - Zoom?


      Greetings - I am a flex newb, so please bear with me.


      I am reading data from two different XML files - one has general data and one has the location of an image.


      I have created an imagerenderer to display the thumbnailed image in a column and everything looks great - but now I am baffled at how I can do some type of "onclick zoom image"..


      Ideally I would like something like a shadowbox type effect where the large version of the thumbnail is laid over the screen until the user clicks it away..


      I would also be okay with something like a simple zoom - which I know how to make work if the image was being displayed on a panel - but not when it is being displayed in a datagrid.


      I initially was displaying just text in the datagrid and the image below - but I didnt like that because that only allowed a small number of rows in the datagrid, and there is fairly large amount of data....


      Any help - complete with full code example would be appreciated.



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          Just as an addition - this is what I am doing when I display the image outside of the datagrid - which is not what I want to do, but this is the behavior that I desire within the datagrid - or at least by the thumbnail in the datagrid being clicked:





          <mx:Resize id="resizeBig"


          300" widthTo="400"


          240" heightTo="340"/>




          <mx:Resize id="resizeSmall"


          400" widthTo="300"


          340" heightTo="240"/>



          and then where I actually present the image:



          <mx:Image x="10" y="415" width="300" height="240" id="imgGameScreen"


          {apps.app.(@id == datagrid1.selectedItem.recID).imageURL}"