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    Combo Box Issue

      I'm trying to allow users to be able to search through their region and suburb through combo boxes (see below link). I want to have "Combo Box A" - in this case, "Region" - to change "Combo Box B" - in this case, "Suburb".

      Please see the following link before reading on:-

      Basically, I want a user to click "Eastern Suburbs", for example, and for the combo box below it to change and display only suburbs in that region. And so on and so forth for the other regions.

      Only I'm not sure how to do this. I have tried many different approaches, including trying to make separate combo boxes, turning them into movies, and then making them swap with each other, as well as trying several different combo box functions.

      I am using Flash 8 Professional and I currently have got up to the following with coding (see attached).

      Does anyone know how to do this?