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    ASDoc with external swc

      I need to generate the documentation from a project using ASDoc. The problem is that the project includes some classes from an swc library for which I don't have the source code.
      the command that I am running is:
      asdoc -source-path src -doc-sources src -external-library-path+= c:\'Program Files'\MDM\'MDM Zinc v2.5'\swc\mdm.swc
      If I add the option to -exclude-classes I get the following error:
      "default arguments may not be interspersed with other options"

      Help would be very much appreciated.
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          Karl_Sigiscar_1971 Level 3

          Some SWC files do have the sources (a hierarchy of class files), others only have some compiled classes and/or assets.

          You can easily check by changing the .swc extension to .zip and open the archive.

          ASDoc does need to parse the sources to generate the documentation.

          There is no workaround.
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            Hello! I'm also working with an external SWC created by Flash CS3 which only contains exported graphical assets like logos and stuff.

            Within Flex I simply load the according SWF file and have full access to these assests. (Added the SWC as external library path).

            So now I wanted to export my classdocumentation using ASDoc but this fails because ASDoc throws an error like: Type was not found (no compile time constant).

            Within the SWC there's only a catalog.xml which seems to represent all the contents within the SWF, but ASDoc doesn't recognise this contents.

            Is there a way to create sourcecode out of the catalog.xml?
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              derRaab(); Level 1
              It works when you put your used SWC into the

              Flex SDK/frameworks/libs

              directory! But is there no way to tell asdoc to also use a separate SWC within my project sources?