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    Flash CS4 trial installation


      Hope i  am in the right place for this query.

      I am trying to download a trial version of Flash onto my laptop. Windows XP, service pack 3, 1.66 GHz, 2.00 GB Ram.

      I downloaded the trial but wrongly asked it to open rather than save, so it saved onto my desktop, but would not then open, it was taking me round in circles between 'the download is complete', then 'install now' it then goes through the extraction procedure but brings me back to install now and wants to extract it again.It appeared to be extracting to the Adobe folder. (I have Photoshop etc)

      When I tried to download it again it indicated it was already downloaded. So I removed all Flash CS4 files that I could find (on the basis that if it was not installed this should be safe enough) but it is still indicating that it is downloaded and I cannot go back to the 'do you want to open/save this file'.

      I am sure I have made all sorts of mistakes with all this but if anyone can offer any ideas I would be grateful. Thanks.