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    Really need help with basic static forms?!?!

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      I was thrown into creating forms for our Business Managers and I am not a developer in any way!  I am a Recruiter, but somewhat tech savvy (or at least I thought I was). 


      I am trying to create basic static forms.  I started by using Adobe Professional and them moved to LiveCycle Designer because of what I thought were better "editable" options when creating the form.  I want to be able to send my manager's forms via e-mail (PDF), they can enter the requesting information in the fields, save a copy for themselves, print, and e-mail to me.  We are not using any of the Adobe Server things, I don't want them to submit via an e-mail button on the form.  We are a non-profit organization and my managers are using all different versions of reader. 


      I am getting extremely frustrated because in testing the form everything seems to be working properly including tab order, print, save and everything I want it to do.  Then, I send them out for my managers to use, for some Manager's they work great, no problems at all!  But then, I keep getting these weird issues from different Managers with the same form.  For one of them, what they typed in the field, now looks like it's behind the text box, like when you select Highlight all, you can see what he typed, but then if you click into the text box, you can see what he typed. Another Manager said, two (crucial) fields would not show the text entered when she tries to save or print, but on screen you can see it????


      So after the rambling, I guess my questions are: should I be using Live Cycle to create such basic forms or should I be using Adobe?  Can anyone recommend a good "FOR DUMMIES" book that will help me figure out what I am doing wrong, and not explain in "IT" language?




      This is really getting embarrassing!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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          1. Make sure to set the PDF target version. Goto File -> Form Properties (see the first screenshot attached)
               Find out the minimum Reader version used in your organization and set this value accordingly. If you are not sure, select the least recent version.
          2. two (crucial) fields would not show the text entered when she tries to save or print, but on screen you can see it
               This may be due to the visibility settings of the fields. Just make sure that you have selected visible instead of visible (screen only)
               See the second screenshot attached
          Hope this may help you.