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    Lossless Codec

    GESYMSB Level 1

      Hello folks, what is the best Lossless Codec for Premiere Pro CS3 ?

      I have tried somes that I had found on the net, and the results is that
      they screw-up my Premiere Pro CS3, and have to re-install everything !


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Lagarith and possibly in second place HuffYuv.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Jeff Bellune just had a good report on one from Korea (?) called something like YU, but memory fails me beyond that point. It's in a recent thread that kinda' moved off to lossless CODEC's.


            Good luck,




            BTW - Lagarith still gets very high marks. Make sure to get the latest release.

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              Jeff Bellune Level 5

              Lagarith and then UT.  I'd give the nod to UT except that I haven't used it long enough to be completely assured of its compatibility and stability.  But it's faster (waay faster) than Lagarith and has given me excellent results so far.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Thanks for that clarification. Could not recall the exact name, and had not found that other thread yet. You saved me some searching.





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                  GESYMSB Level 1

                  /)  Thank You, Thank You. Thank You........


                  I just downloaded the Lagarith Lossless Video Codec, I read that was

                  some problems with CS3 somewhere I guess, but I always

                  trust you folks........


                  I found this too, any ideas ?



                  free lossless video codec.   ---> http://videosoft.org/codecs/toponoky/

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                    GESYMSB Level 1

                    Ok folks, I tested the "Toponoky" and got all kinds of errors and crashing.
                    Din't work at all.

                    The Lagarith did work, but added some flashes of distortion do the upper part of the video
                    frames every few second,

                    Finally I just downloaded the Ut Video Codec Suite, site was down, not responding.
                    It's not going be tested for now, since I decided to clean-up my pc.
                    Right now not even the drivers are intalled, just windows.

                    So so far, un-compressed is the only way I see, but those files are so big..... Puff


                    Here is another question DV-AVI on Premiere Pro CS3 is not that bad, does anyone
                    knows who many times you can do "the same video clip, over and over" on
                    DV-AVI without lossing any quality ?

                    ( Tricks, effects, etc )

                    I read before some place that the compression on DV-AVI is 5 to 1..........   

                    Thanks     {\/}

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      I do not know the number of compressions, before one could see the real differences, but would guess that the footage might dictate this - also the critical nature of one's eye.


                      I have done 3 levels of DV-AVI compression, and found footage without a lot of rapid camera, or subject movement quite good. However, with any lossy compression there WILL be a tipping point, but I just do not know where the "rule-of-thumb" would be.


                      Good luck,



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                        GESYMSB Level 1

                        Thanks !


                        Humm you make me fell goood !
                        I was hoping for something like that.

                        Normally is just a couple of times ( Re-compression )
                        while creating effects or tricks.....

                        I tough Lossless will be better than DV, saving DV
                        format for final production.

                        But so far, no one has work ok, and like you said
                        I will keep taking my chances with just plain DV-AVI.

                        If something goes wrong ( Color distortion or other ) then
                        use uncompress avi.