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    Black and white pdf prints pink

    Old Wino

      I found an old black and white family photo online, downloaded and saved it as a pdf. But when I try to print it, it's is no longer black and white, but has a decided pinkish cast. This also happened with one letter from the same site. I have a mac flat panel, running OS 10.4.11, and an HP 5610 all in one printer. Is there any way to get this to print in B&W?


      Also, when I tried to email the photo the way I've done previously -- go to print, then to pdf drop down menu and chose Mail PDF, I'm told its not supported. Same answer if I try Preview.  I had to start an new email and add photo as an attachment. No biggie, but the way I had been doing it was easier.


      Oh, and the last tine I used Adobe, I was alerted to an update, which I did install. Was this my first mistake?