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    Can't Install 9.3


      Yes, I had the same problem as Gery and HBBIG. Totally took out my Adobe Reader.

      This is the first registry key that it popped up with


      Could be more problems coming after that but of course it stopped and rolled back and

      took the old version out.


      As luck would have it, I still had the last version I installed which was 9.1 I think so I

      clicked ont the .msi file and it installed perfectly . . no problems.


      If anyone needs that installer to reinstall Version 9.1, I have it and I could zip it up and place it

      here for you if you wish. It worked great and I now have my Adobe Reader reinstalled.


      I was considering going to FoxIt instead if that didn't work. There are always others. Adobe is

      not the only PDF Reader available.