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    Opening files not listed alphabetically


      I have Adobe Illustrator CS3 running on Windows XP Professional. I recently started having a problem when I open files, a window opens showing folders and files in list view by default, and the folders are not listed in alphabetical order.  I first thought this was a Windows XP issue, but I'm not having this problem with Windows Explorer or any other applications on my computer, only in Illustrator.  Also if I select a different view like Details, I can sort by alphabetical order, but if I close and reopen Illustrator, the view defaults back to List, and the folders do not appear in alphabetical order again.  Has anyone run into this problem and know a fix?  This is very annoying when you have to work with many folders and looking for a specific one.

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          You changed the global default folder view. This may not show in normal Explorer views when you chose to store individual settings, but it always affects file dialogs. Set any Explorer view to the desired view, then Tools --> Options --Y View --> Apply to all folders. You may need to temporarily turn off individual folder view settings for Windows to correctly reset all folders.