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    Re-recording narration for Full Motion capture--how to see video? (Captivate 3)




      I'd like to use a full motion capture, and then re-narrate that capture so it sounds more polished. The capture encompasses a total of about 5 slides in a row. I'm clicking on the first slide, then clicking 'Audio', and 'record from this slide' (and defining the range of slides I wish to re-narrate).


      When I do this, it will let me re-record the audio, but I can't see the actual capture--as if the video hasn't been rendered.  It's just a blank white screen, so I can't see what I'm narrating, even though I have the "continuous play" box checked. Even after I save the project it won't play. I've also tried publishing the project (thinking this will render the video) but afterwards I still don't see the motion capture when trying to re-narrate.


      Is there a way to render the capture so it plays the full motion video as I'm re-narrating the audio (or some other solution to whatever is causing this issue?)  This would be a HUGE help!


      Any assistance is appreciated!