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    Streaming audio restarts after stopallsounds


      the site in question is thirdcache.com - i've got streaming audio playing as background music, however after someone clicks the stop all sounds button it stops, however when the background music reaches the end of it's timeline, it starts back up again. How do i get it to stop forever? Also, how do i get this button to have two functions, off and on.. without embedding the audio, I want it to start and stop the streaming audio.

      Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


      Ed Third Cache
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          clbeech Level 3
          if you're not embedding the audio, you must be using a SoundObject to load it from the external. so you could define a method with a toggle var to call stop() and start() on the Sound instance.

          OR you could also simply use sound.setVolume(0); (and 100) and just let it play.
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            Edward_Coghlan Level 1
            hello clbeech,

            Thanks for you reply - i love the etherial light effect you've got on your site - i'm going to purchase a copy for myself later today. In regards to the question above... i should have made myself clearer, i'm not the regular web guy, I'm just a plain ol' pixel jockey - unfortunately (for me) the web guy put the site up and f'd off to his holiday before i could check it over so i've found some problems. I have a basic understanding of flash, but not of action script. From what i can see here he's using a behaviour to call the sound in streaming. I know enough to change the code, but no where near enough to write my own...

            Do you have the code handy by any chance?

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              clbeech Level 3
              hey thanks - but unfortunately (as you may have found out already) I have yet to finish the construction of my sites systems to make those available for purchase from there (the cobbler's shoes are the last repaired!) but I could send you the mxp file via email if you would like.

              here's a little info on the Sound class and using Sound Objects HERE however, this will only get you so far. sometimes the 'behavior' codes can be a bit convoluted and trick to change. If you could post the fla file, i could take a look and see what you need here.