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    Feature Request

      Hi and congratulations to Adobe for making this cool free app.

      I am wondering if it's still in development and would like to see some features implemented to increase productivity:

      1 - Undo!
      2 - Duplicate preset (in order to easily make different versions)
      3 - Ability to work on several themes at once - 5 colors can be limiting and it would be great to have several themes at once such as primary and additional themes.
      4 - Ability to work with Pantone swatch libraries?

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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hi John,

          We're always open to ideas. I'd love to know how you are using kuler--what kind of design work do you do?

          FWIW, if you have Illustrator CS3, here is a good workaround for Pantone spot colors:

          The kuler panel in Illustrator allows you to browse or search for a theme on the kuler website, and download and add the kuler theme to the Illustrator Swatches panel. Using the Color Guide panel, you can restrict the colors to any color library, which includes all of the Pantone color books, e.g., Pantone Solid Coated. This will provide the Pantone spot equivalents for each of the colors in the kuler theme. Also, you can use the Live Color dialog to recolor the theme with Pantone equivalents, again by limiting the color group to a specific Pantone color book.

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            JohnBeaumont Level 1
            Hi Sami,

            Thanks for this reply and the great tips!

            Unfortunately I still haven't upgraded to CS3, but I have attended a demo tour and am convinced we need it.
            I use Kuler for various design projects. It just helps me find color schemes that work, rather than trying to guess myself (I'm self -taught so haven't learnt much about colour theory). Then I use the eyedropper in Photoshop / Illustrator / Flash, as I haven't worked out how the swatch exchange works.

            Looking forward to Illustrator CS3 then. But duplicate and undo would help!

            Take care,

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              JohnBeaumont Level 1
              Maybe others would have request / ideas too?
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                I was hoping for a Pantone-equivalent ability, too, but decided to search for Pantone in the forums before posting my own thread... it didn't come up with anything. So a more thorough search engine might be my suggestion.

                Anyway, fortunately, I saw this thread, wherein my question was answered (though it would still be good to have a Pantone-equivalent ability on the fly). For those who nay-say this because of monitor variance, no color calibration or whatever, this could still work for you if you know a Pantone color you want to use: just dial in the color and then choose which color strategy you want to use (Triad, Analogous, etc.). There, then, would be a suggestion of Pantone colors which could be looked up and compared to in a Pantone book.

                (I realize that Illustrator has the ability to suggest color strategies based on a single color, but kuler is more interactive.... and more fun)

                To answer the moderator question, I work for a University, and we do everything from print to Web, targeting audiences ranging from high school to retirees.
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                  Srta._Pinta Level 1
                  Hi John. I was self taught as well. About 6 years ago someone saw an artistic vision in me, gave me the program as a gift and my life was forever changed. I later found out that I used to sketch as a very small child, I had no clue until I told my mother what I was planning on studying and doing, she then told me about all of these things I used to sketch and color as a very small child - I was shocked. Once I knew that, I began college to learn the program/field appropriately. This transition has been VERY difficult, but if I had to do it over again, I would in a heartbeat.

                  Illustrator is one I have not spent a lot of time on. However, I have recently started Illustrator CS3 class and all I have to say is WOW. I am lucky to have attained the CS2 Suite from the college as a student and cannot wait to be able to upgrade to 3.

                  Another feature request...
                  I have over 900 themes and to get to a certain theme/page it is crazy...

                  For example: If I want to show my professor a color theme I think would work good on a design I have to flip through pages, no problem there. But for those who are discussing themes with a client it could look "dirty around the edges", unprepared and unprofessional.

                  My request is a numbering system for individual users like emails have. Either page numbers or theme numbers or both, and make them searchable by numbers as well.

                  I have been trying to get to my first page of themes for weeks now, I have to stop because it is very time consuming - and so it goes...
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                    CristinaSolana Level 1
                    Undo and Duplicate are absolutely necessary. I also think an UNPUBLISH button would help. Pantones would be great, but I can live without it.
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                      Hey Srta,

                      I discovered kuler a couple days ago, so I don't know a lot about it, but can't you just tag you themes with your own 'id' number, and then search " tag:# "? I'm assuming that option didn't exist at the time of your post. Anyway, just a thought.

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                        Srta._Pinta Level 1

                        Originally posted by: daniel_user
                        Hey Srta,

                        I discovered kuler a couple days ago, so I don't know a lot about it, but can't you just tag you themes with your own 'id' number, and then search " tag:# "? I'm assuming that option didn't exist at the time of your post. Anyway, just a thought.


                        Hey Daniel,

                        That is the very reason I began numbering my swatches.

                        I wasn't clear with what I meant sorry. You know how there are pages you flip through with the arrows? You cannot skip to a certain page of themes, you have to go through them all.

                        Lets say I want to show my professor a certain theme when I used to name them, I have to sit there and go through all of my pages until I find it. It can be a bit frustrating since I am a little lazy and like to find the quickest way to a page lol.

                        Seriously though, lets say someone has a client/boss on the phone or in front of them telling them the design they want and approximate color themes. You creating your colors would know approximately where the perfect color theme would be for that project. Wouldn't it be great to just say...

                        "Go to page 35 in kuler under my username, you will find 2 or 3 swatches there that would flow well with this project"

                        Make sense?
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                          CristinaSolana Level 1
                          Oh! I have another request that I have not seen mentioned. SET AS AVATAR. I would like to be able to choose which of my themes is my avatar.
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                            JohnBeaumont Level 1
                            Hey SAMI,

                            Thought of an easy way to save favourites:

                            Currently you can drag to the bottom tray (which isn't intuitive unless you read it)
                            but when you drag then off you delete them. So how about you save some presets you like in your tray, then go to myKuler and drag them in there, to save them in your profile?
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                              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                              Interesting idea about saving favorites (yes, that tray is not very intuitive). Hold on, there may be some changes in the works already. ;-)
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                                Kristi Taylor

                                I'd like a quicker/easier way to tell when I have new comments. I find much value in the feedback aspect of the site but it's a bear to look through all my themes regularly. Also any additional functionality around arrangement/grouping to help keep themes organized would be super.

                                Many thanks.
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                                  Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                                  Hi Kristi, glad the feedback you receive is helpful, and thanks for the suggestions.
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                                    It would be nice to be able to group "similar" swatches into a "stack" showing the highest rated on top and allowing you to look at the minor variations only if necessary.

                                    I'm not sure that makes sense, I can clarify if necessary.
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                                      Kristi Taylor Level 1
                                      Hi Sami,

                                      I just came accross the link to rss my comments so viewing newest comments problem is solved!

                                      Others interested just have to input your email address in place of you@youremail.com in the following link:

                                      http://kuler.adobe.com/kuler/API/rss/comments.cfm?email=you@youremail.com&itemsPerPage=20& startIndex=0
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                                        Tim Strickland Level 1
                                        You can view the full API for the RSS feed for comments by visiting our labs page:


                                        Tim Strickland
                                        lead kuler geek
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                                          Kristi Taylor Level 1
                                          Thanks Tim, it's a great feature!
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                                            Hi, and thanks Jhon for this topic. I´ve been using kuler for a long time and I realized it would be great to edit and delete my own comments...
                                            And I agree with the undo and set as avatar feature!

                                            thanks all for your time!
                                            keep rocking kuler!
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                                              M Ryan
                                              I, too, would like a way to collect favorite color schemes.
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                                                Yes, this will work.

                                                Sanjay Das

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                                                  manu schwendener Level 1

                                                  >  it would be great to edit and delete my own comments


                                                  I agree. 


                                                  And there should be a way to get notified about the comments on your themes without haveing to use a developer key. (Maybe I just didn't find it yet.)