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    Is 9.3 update installing malware?

    cdinpdx Level 1

      I updated to Reader 9.3 on Windows XP. After install the program opens automatically. Spybot Search and Destroy terminated and deleted the program executable file. The issue read as follows:


      Spybot Search and Destroy has encountered and terminated a process that is listed as part of a malicious software.

      Process ID: 3536

      Filename: AcroRd32.exe

      Found in: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader9.0\Reader\...

      Identified as: WarezP2P.cck


      It was then recommended that I delete the associated file, which I did. Now when I attempt to run the program, it indicates that it cannot find file AcroRd32.exe.


      I would like to know if the process WarezP2P.cck is supposed to be installed with Reader, or is it malware that should have been deleted? If this needs to be corrected, please contact me via e-mail to let me know the program has been corrected.


      Thank you.