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    Some Menus Inaccessable


      Oh please help. A few days ago I began using Premiere Pro CS4. I have had it for awhile in Master Collection but only now had a need to use it. When I first got into it it gave me the standard 'New Project' / 'Open Project' options but mostly did not allow me to select 'New Project', and when it rarely did only let me select options within the existing tab, and only then by using the tab key. My mouse could not select anything, my laptop's touchpad would not let me select anything, neither would my Wacom tablet.


         using Vista Home Premium

         uninstalled first Premiere Pro, then could not reinstall so uninstalled and reinstalled entire suite

         using Premiere Pro 4.2.1

         after selecting Windows XP Service Pack in Premiere Pro exe. program would not work at all


      I have looked through the forums on this and other sites and some people seem to have a similar situation, but not the same. Please help, I can't even drag items into my timeling when I CAN get into it, and have no idea if it is related to this problem or something else entirely. Please advise.