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    Helvetica display bug in premiere titles?


      I have a very strange issue. Certain characters with the helvetica type face display portions of the letter "filled in". It's hard to explain, so see the attched screen shot. What is going on here? Other programs like microsoft word display them just fine! Any one have ideas?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I've encountered several fonts that do not display properly in Titler, even though PS, AI and InDesign have no issues. A few of these are the Isabelle (several foundries') and Isabella (several foundries'), but have not seen this in Helvetica.


          Do you have any Styles applied to the text?


          Is Helvetica the only offending font?


          Are you also having any crashes of Titler?


          Titler is very, very sensitive to any corruption in a font. This ARTICLE will give you a bit more background, and just might give you a useful tip.


          Good luck,