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    focus and backspace

      i have a problem with the focus in flex. I know that the simplest way to set the focus on the Flex controller is by putting this line of code on the HTML wrapper

      document.onload = document.getElementById('${FlexAppl}').focus();

      or something like that.

      But my application introduces a problem. The HTML of my Flex application is in a frame into an another HTML file; so that, I need to replace the previous line of code with this one:

      window.onload = function() { var fxControl = document.FlexAppl || window.FlexAppl;fxControl.focus();};

      But using this new line of code a different result. First, without any click of the mouse the focus is set on the flex component and when i press digit or number in a textfield, the input appears correctly. Second, when i press backspace, these commands don't properly work; moreover, the backspace put me on the previous html page.

      has anyone solved this problem?