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    problem with enabling usage rights for Adobe Reader


      Hi All,


      I have designed a form using Live cycle. From Live cycle I export it as PDF. As a final step, I open the PDF by using acrobat professional to enable usage rights for Adobe Reader. As soon as I enble the rights it saves the document with a different name, which is fine. However; at the same time it also runs the postsave events from the form and removes a couple of objects. How do I avoid this? My form has very little code:


      There is a drop down field called 'LearningSolutionsAdvisor' which has the following code on PostSave event:


      NewHorizons.Page1.LearningSolutionsAdvisor::postSave - (FormCalc, client)
      LearningSolutionsAdvisor.access ="readOnly"


      There is 'Save' button which has the following code:


      NewHorizons.Page1.Save::click - (JavaScript, client)
      NewHorizons.Page1.Save::postSave - (FormCalc, client)
      Save.presence = "invisible"


      I thank you for your help in advance.