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    Check for updates failing in 8.2


      Just spent 6 + hours setting up what I thought was the perfect vista 64 sp2 config  to only have Adobe Reader 8.2.0 fail on an update check..Same problem on Adobe Reader 9.3 as well. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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          LeoAdobeX Adobe Employee

          Could you please provide some details what exactly fails?


          8.2.0 and 9.3.0 are the latest available updates and, if you install one of them and select "Check for updates" from Help menu, should simply show "No updates availabe" dialog.

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            cudapet1 Level 1

            Thanks for youre reply..  In the help section under check for updates, 8.2 checks for updates for about 2 seconds and comes back to say update failed.. Also, I started a thread about microsoft security essentails and Adobe reader 8.2 or 9.3 . Security essentails is going nuts on a clean install of reader 8.2 or 9.3. . Note: I had 8.1 (came on motherboard cd) and reader updated on its own to 8.13 then about a week later it installed 8.14. It was working perfect.


            Ok, did a clean vista 64 sp2 install today and used my motherboard cd to install reader 8.1. When I went to open Adobe Reader from the desktop icon all was going well until reader went to update its self. It goes right to 8.2 and there goes the security issues..  I would be greatful for any help or please let me know if and when this gets fixed. I will check this board daily...  Thanks again.

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              LeoAdobeX Adobe Employee

              I will not be able to answer the question about Microsoft security essentials .


              For the failed check for updates however I might be able to help, but I will need to have more information.

              Can you post an image of the window that displays what you call "Update failed" ?


              Also, if it is possible, please provide Updater log file, which can be found in User Temp folder.

              The file name is AdobeARM.log.

              On Vista it should be in C:\Documents and Settings\*USER_NAME*\AppData\Local\Temp