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    3D model vs flash CS4 and Air

      Hello everybody
      In our flash application we have many 3D medical images that were done with Maya.
      In order to simulate movement we use multiple images (for ex: to turn a bone we use many images instead of the 3D model because we need to have high quality). In the past using C++ we used the 3D model but we were losing to much of the quality - we could not import the texture and the light effect at the same time - we could import only one of them.
      Now that we are using flash cs4 do you know if we could import in flash the 3D model which contains a hight amount of polygone with the texture and the light effect without any problem ? that could solve maybe our issu regarding the download of our application. We need to reduce the size of our application.
      Best regards
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          tedalde2 Level 2

          Flash doesn't do 3D models natively. You could check out Director or another software (or simply Acrobat...) which can import 3D models and use 3D hardware acceleration, or find some tool that converts your 3D model into something Flash can understand. Depends how you need to interact with the model.