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    Raw, Adobe DNG codec, LR Beta 3, frustration...

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      As an advanced amateur photographer, I decided that my New Year's resolution would be to stop shooting JPEG plus supplementary Raw on my Nikon DSLR, and to use only Raw. Also decided to try LightRoom Beta 3 (not a LR user previously; I use Windows Live Photo Gallery). Finally, also decided to use DNG instead of NEF to facilitate cross-application compatibility (ie, I like the idea of a non-proprietary datafile format) and to avoid creating sidecar (XMP) files for keywords. I use Windows 7 Pro and Home Premium on an Acer Netbook and Dell Inspiron notebook computer, although I've only created the DNG files on the netbook so far.


      It's been a sinkhole of time to get working.


      Once I had created some DNG files from the NEF files using LR3, the computer performance deteriorated completely. Eventually found that CPU was pegged at 100% utilization, and that SearchFilterHost.EXE was the culprit. MUCH sleuthing revealed that going into Windows Control Panel > Indexing Options > Advanced, and unchecking the DNG file type allowed the indexing to proceed to completion. When the DNG files WERE allowed for indexing, then the Indexing Options dialog box showed that the indexing stalled at some point; if the DNG files were DISALLOWED, the the indexing completed normally.


      Secondly, when I opened Windows Live Photo Gallery, it showed that it was creating thumbnails (presumably the DNG files), but that it was proceeding at about 1 file per 30 seconds. The CPU was pegged at 50% during this time. Eventually all the thumbnails were completed, and CPU utilization dropped to a few percent.


      In both cases, Windows Resource Monitor revealed that Adobe's DNGCodec was associated with the stalled/slow process.


      I installed the latest DNG converter from Adobe, but the DNG Codec remained unchanged (version, dated from 2008). The DNG codec does not appear to have a recent version on the Adobe website.


      Next, I uninstalled the Adobe DNGCodec, and downloaded and installed the third party codec from http://www.ardfry.com/dng-codec/Download.htm. The thumbnails in Windows Live Photo Gallery were generated at a rate of several per second, and the Windows Indexing Options proceeded without hanging up, although it was slow. It's definitely working better with the third party codec.


      Searching the forums reveals that lots of people are dissatisfied with the lack of a 64-bit DNG codec from Adobe. This problem seems to have existed for over a year, maybe even two years. I don't use 64-bit Windows, but the codec problems are in 32-bit, too. How can Adobe expect users to adopt DNG as a standard when they provide such poor support? It's crazy that end-users should have to seek out, download, purchase, and install a codec from a third-party supplier in order to get reasonable performance.


      Adobe: please fix your DNG codec.

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          Do you REALLY need to convert to DNG?  What do you think you are gaining.  Okay, I only have a D40.  But when I convert to DNG I don't save any file space.  And, when using Lightroom, you don't have to worry about XMP files unless you intentionally want to create them.  Working in the default mode, there are no XMP files, even with your original NEF files.  DNG is supposed to be a universal raw format, but it is not universally compatible with all software programs.  If you convert to DNG and then want to use them in any of the Nikon software, it won't be possible.  So I'm still not convinced that DNG conversion is all that necessary, at least for me.

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            That's a fair question... although I disagree with your position about XMP files. The appeal to me about DNG is that the keywords are stored inside the raw file itself. I was a prior user of Photoshop Album, and that software helped me develop an aversion to having keywords stored separately from the file. NEF files don't do that.


            But the jury is still out!


            Thanks for the feedback.

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              Valid point.  But I guess it is all a matter of your workflow.  The DNG file or the original raw file (for me) is only going to be used in a limited number of programs.  The key words will be included in my exported copies from Lightroom, and they will be the files that will be for more general use, so I don't see that to be a problem.  But if that is important to you, then I understand your concern.

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                Thanks to you, jackfrombc, for for proofing my concerns about why indexing loads my CPU so much after I install some new soft, and DNG codec among it. Now I'm able to switch indexing back on on my combuters not being afraid of it eating laptops' batteries.

                Thank you, again.

                ps. sorry for poor english, in advance.