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    Can't install 5.6 and 5.6 beta will expire

    Casamagnolia Level 1

      I just noticed today that Photoshop CS4 says I have ACR 5.6 BETA installed and it will expire in less than 2 weeks.  So I dutifully downloaded 5.6 and tried to install.  No joy!  It says 5.6 is already installed. I'm using Windows XP.  ACR 5.6 is not a product I can uninstall with Add Remove Programs -- or at least I didn't find it.  I found a thread with long confusing instructions about renaming files and copying files.  This can't be what I have to do!


      What is wrong with my system or the ACR 5.6 installer and what do I have to do?  And does this affect Lightroom as well?  Lightroom says it is running ACR 5.6 without any beta word in there. So it looks like it is Photoshop that is confused?