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    Database Connections & Testing Server

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      I am having trouble testing my MySQL database connection. It has been
      working just fine, but now I can not connect from the testing server, so
      I am wondering if I have things set up correctly.

      The database is on my isp server. When accessing the database from the
      web site, I use 'localhost' in the connection string. However, when
      accessing from the testing server (my local computer) I use the IP
      address of the site.

      Like I say, this configuration has been working, but since coming back
      from Todcon, I want to try some of what I learned, but when trying to
      test the connection, I get an error "Can't connect..."

      Is it a problem to connect to the actual database for testing, or should
      I have a separate database on the testing server?

      Thanks for any thoughts,
      Harvey Wasserman