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    Trouble with modify/edit in illustrator 4

    Michael Gannon Level 1

      So, I'm building my first site in Catalyst. I designed my site in Illustrator 4 and imported it into Catalyst. I had all my states/transitions built and everything seemed to be working fine. I then went back to edit a pice of placeholder text by clicking on the item, going to modify/edit in illustrator 4 and then saving and accepting changes. Everything seemed to be fine until I went to run the project. Then I noticed that on the transition out of the page that had the updated text that it would flash back to the old text before going to the new page. The text had been set to fade in and fade out when you click on a button. The fading in works properly, but the fade out has a glitch where it flashes the old text on the way out. I've tried refreshing/restarting, whatever I could think of and it's still doing it. When I play the transition within FC I noticed that it shows a bunch of code where that that text should be. It happens to fast to read it all and I wouldn't understand it if I could anyway. Any ideas what's going on?



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          wadedwalker Level 3

          Since you are transitioning that text, Im guessing that you have that text in a minimum of two states. When you did the "Edit in Illustrator" it made that change only in the state you were working in. If you look at the same textfield in the other state, it will be the old one. One thing you can do to fix that, is on the state where you did the modification, right-click on it and choose "Make same in all states". Now, one thing to know is that this action literally makes the textfield the exact same thing on all states that it already appears. So X,Y,Width,Height,Color,Alignment, everything will be the same. So it will be a little crappy to have to redo the X/Y but it will visually be the same object. Thats my best guess on what you can do to try and fix it. Hope this helps.

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            Michael Gannon Level 1

            Now that I think about it, I bet you are right. In the second state the text object is set to be hidden so I didn't notice that it was still the old text. I guess I assumed that when I edited it in Illustrator that it updated it in all states. I'll take another look at it tonight and see if that doesn't fixe it for me.



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              I had this same issue. Hopefully Adobe updates the "edit in" functions b/c right now IT'S REALLY BUGGY to me. Everytime time I try to update a file my animations get messed up or reset and I have to start over.


              I think their should be a default setting in preferences that you can check to automatically update all instances.

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                CrazyMerlin Level 1

                Well, it is now 5 months later and the bug never got fixed.


                I am running CS5 premium, and when I select a graphic in FC and select to "edit in" AI CS5 I get "Adobe Illusttrator CS5 must be installed". It is installed!

                Do I really have to reinstall it or is there a registry entry I can modify?



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                  Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                  Hi CrazyMerlin,


                  That should not be happening.  Can you please write back with these two pieces of diagnostic information?


                  1. What folder is Catalyst installed to?
                  2. Click the "Edit in Adobe Illustrator" menu item in Catalyst to get the error message.  Then quit Catalyst, and locate the following file:
                    • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash Catalyst/workspace/.metadata/.log (note that files/folders starting with "." are invisible in Finder, so you may have to use the Terminal to get to this file)
                    • XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Adobe\Flash Catalyst\workspace\.metadata\.log
                    • Windows 7/Vista: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Flash Catalyst\workspace\.metadata\.log

                  Please send us this file (you should be able to post it as an attachment to your forum reply).


                  We'll take a look from there and try to figure out what's going wrong.


                  - Peter

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                    Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                    Oh, and re the original January thread:


                    We are considering a setting to have modifications apply across all states.  We may add this functionality in a future release.


                    In the meantime, one quick shortcut is this:

                    1. Do you editing in AI (or PS)
                    2. When you come back to Catalyst, choose "States > Make Same in All Other States" (or click the button in the black heads-up display)


                    Hope that comes in handy!


                    - Peter