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    How to search and display the results in flash


      Hello Friends,


      I am working in Flash 8 and using AS 2.0 coding.


      I am working with page flipping application. Here i have an option "search". I will tell you the scenario.


      Here I am loading images/pages dynamically thru an xml. It was loading and working like a page flipping. so far it was done. Now if you enter some text inside the search option and press the button, it has to search for all the loaded images/pages and has to display the resulted pages.


      How this functionality has to done. How to search the jpg's with a given string ??


      Your help will be really appreciated.




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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to have a searchable database of information relative to the pages.  If the pages are only jpeg images, then they won't be able to provide you anything in the way of useful searchable data beyond possibly the image titles.  So you will have to create some form of database that contains all of the information relative to these pages that you can have your search function (string matching) scheme work with to find matching information.