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    Please explain this code


      I am new to this forum, flash and programming.

      I got a .fla file and i am teaching myself to correct and change the contents to suit my needs.

      i am stuck at a the buttons that should call-up a pop-up screen, the first button works beautifully but all the other buttons load the same pop-up and this is the part i do not understand.

      Here is the code from the action screen of the first button.

      on (rollOver)
      on (releaseOutside, rollOut)
      on (release)
      _root.scrHEIGHT = 240;
      _root.scroller._x = 250;
      _root.scroller._y = 1.507000E+002;
      _root.TM_title = "About";
      _root.READ = 1;

      Now i have copied the first button and i want to change the code so that it will call-up a second pop-up window. etc.

      what is "a", "b" & "s1" and where do i find these parameters ?

      Please help and thank you in advance