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    AI Bugs and Issues - Please report here!

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      Okay, since we never seem to be able to agree on anything whith regards to "lack of development", bugs, flakey features and all these things, I thought it would be best to add a thread where we collect them all for clarity. This will help other users to try and reproduce them and offer possible solutions as well as it will allow me and otehrs to report these issues to the authorities. In order for things to not turn into a furball, let's keep this thread clean and branch out specific problems to new threads. Here is what you should report:


      • Version of Illustrator being used
      • Operating system
      • Relevant computer info (memory, graphics card, screen resolution, tablet)
      • Document settings (color mode, size, effects raster resolution)
      • Exact sequence of steps that triggers a bug/ issue
      • Current result/ outcome of the workflow
      • If you consider it wrong, how the result/ outcome should be


      See this simple example below:


      Version: AI CS4

      OS:  Windows Vista 64

      Hardware: Core 7i, GeForce GTX 285, 1920x1200px, no tablet

      Document: any document




      1. Draw closed polygon with pen tool
      2. apply Round Corners effect with default radius


      Current result:


      At different corners, the resulting arc/ fillet has different radii based on the angle of the neighboring edges.


      Desired result:


      All arcs/ fillets have the proper radius as defined in the effects settings, regardless of the angle.



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          Illustrator CS4
          Mac OS 10.5.8
          Hardware: 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 1344 x 840, no tablet
          Document: any document, any color mode


          Place tif image. Apply clipping mask to crop image.
          Close document


          Open document. Select masked image and release cropping mask.


          Current result:  Multiple clipping masks are now added around the image (at the edge of the entire image.)


          Desired result: No "extra" clipping masks are added to the image


          Thank you,