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    Reader 8.2 upgrade issues   (SMS 2003)


      We use SMS2003 in our environment to deploy Adobe Reader to our end users. In the past we deployed Adobe Reader 8.1.3 to our users which was customized using the "Adobe Customization Wizard 8". It worked like a charm and allowed us to disable various features we wanted turned off.

      Going forward we deployed (also via SMS 2003) 8.1.4, 8.1.5, 8.1.6 and most recently 8.1.7 msp update versions which retained our customized settings.


      Now with the release of Adobe Reader 8.2 we have a new full version (which also doesn't support updating multiple languages like the msp versions do). For some reason an msp update version was not release for Adobe Reader but Adobe Actrobat did get one (AcrobatUpd820_all_incr.msp). I'm not sure what the  reason for this is as I imagine Acrobat is the more complex of the two programs.


      This has introduced a big problem and headache for us to deploy with SMS 2003.


      As mentioned already, when applying the previous Adobe Reader updates the previous settings were always retained. Now when attempting to do the same via SMS 2003 with "AdbeRdr820_en_US.msi" we have two patterns:


      1. Not using a transforms file (mst) results in the previous settings being lost and a "default install" resulting which is not permissible in our environment.


      2. Using a custom transforms file (ie: MSIEXEC /i AdbeRdr820_en_US.msi TRANSFORMS=AdbeRdr820_en_US.mst /qb-! /norestart) causes the previously installed  version of Reader to not be uninstalled. This results in the user then having two instances of Adobe Reader in Add/Remove Programs which is not a good thing.





      Has anyone else experienced this that can provide a possible work around or best way to overcome this? Is there a documented work around for this? I see other users have posted similar issues in the past but see not responses. Appreciate any feedback. Thank you.


      tl;dr - Using SMS 2003 to upgrade existing Adobe Reader 8.1.7 installs to 8.2 (full) results in either a default install (when using no transforms) or two instances of Adobe Reader being displayed in Add/Remove Programs (when using transforms). Help!

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          Bran3 Level 1

          In response to myself I think I have found a possible workaround for deploying Adobe Reader 8.2.0 via SMS 2003 to upgrade existing installs of 8.1.7 while retaining the previous settings and having the previous version uninstalled (not remaining with duplicate entries in Add/Remove Programs).


          Since I found that installing manually on the local system did not result in Adobe Reader 8.1.7 remaining in Add/Remove Programs I thought I might try starting the SMS package via a batch file instead of setting the advertisement to be command line with transform arguements.


          I simply created the below .bat file (*note the package is configured to download the content to the client system rather than executing it from the SMS server):


          @echo off

          MSIEXEC /i AdbeRdr820_en_US.msi TRANSFORMS=AdbeRdr820_en_US.mst /qb-! /norestart


          Then I placed it in the package directory on my SMS server along with the AdbeRdr820_en_US.msi, AdbeRdr820_en_US.mst and setup.ini. When Adobe Reader 8.2.0 installed via SMS I could see the previous version getting uninstalled and later confirmed that my previous settings remained intact!


          I have tried this on 2 test systems successfully so far and will try it on another 15~20 tomorrow. If all goes well it will go to full deployment. Phew (I hope)!

          Appreciate any feedback from others in the same/similar situation.