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      I read an interesting link on this adobe website:




      I tried this simple usefull tutorial but it went wrong... I downloaded the facebook library for the Flex Builer and i dragged

      it into my current project in the folder: "Libs".  But my flex builder doesn't recognises this file.  I looked into the file and I see

      a file full of:


      PK\+<library.swfTSt%5<m۶Nl۶5umD۞~{VuֵWр?J޺6 ~1X35PpłkOnQM(%EHOeʔiii@4q{OT7S+H& 'sx_$8n;ڧ<Żdz?h{7י=7.tA6|ZMX[mΡBښF0馱[`=C` jk=HZ"MۯƦ~a7(P7r0p67!ob=<C1Lgunt(:hUa4k{0byu|(AqI?xTXlcK5),of3=M4^0:!_#6#ۛhg6J&#127;YK:qd ېda/kɳ7o τ~[$ka_7qg]0&#127;= b~W[c??OIoaq?^c6&O俩


      Somebody knows what's wrong?


      In the tutorial the file in the lib folders has the "flash" icon.  Also that i don't see in my FLEX builder.



      Thanks for the help!