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    Pre-made Lower Thirds?




      Is there any way to purchase a bunch of pre-made lower thirds and then import them into Premiere?


      I am have the latest version of Premiere Pro CS4 and I use Max OS X Snow Leapord.





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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I do not know about pre-made Titles, but when you find a source that you like, you can add them to PrPro. You will be best advised to get .PSD formats, or TIFF, though JPEG's will work too. I have created several that I use as Assets in several Projects. Most of these are created in PS and AI, while some are created in Titler (maybe with elements from PS), and then Saved as a Title Template. The latter are directly accessible from within PrPro via Title>Based on Template>User Templates. With the .PSD's, I have to Import these as a still Asset for use in PrPro. In my case, I keep these in .PSD format, and with the Layers intact. This allows me to either Flatten the Layers, or to Import as a Sequence, with the Layers still separate, so I can animate them individually, if needed.


          I do not have a source for pre-mades, but I'll bet that someone sells them.


          Good luck, and if you find some good sources, please post the URL's. I'll add them to a list of available Assets, like music and SFX.




          PS - if you find any in .PRTL format (the PrPro Title format, that cannot be used in anything but PrPro), these can then be copied to your Documents folder (do not know what it would be for Mac), and then use the Title>:Based on Template>User Templates.

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            HealthyOptimist Level 1

            Hey Hunt,


            Thanks for your response, it was very helpful.


            I will definitely let you know if I find any good sources.


            And If I have any issues importing I will post my questions here.


            I just joined this forum today and I'm really excited about the support I'm getting.



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Have a look here:


              http://www.freedomfx.com/ and http://www.pixelan.com/sm25/intro.htm


              Although not directly lower thirds, you can you these plug-ins to easily create you own lower thirds.

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                HealthyOptimist Level 1

                Thanks for the links!



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Thanks for that link. I've started the list.



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                    SFL46 Level 3

                    The BorisFX graffiti product has an extensive library of effects, such as lower thirds (I believe this library is also in Boris FX, and BorisFX Red).  You modify these to suit your needs by adding the text you want to appear.


                    That said, currently these products, which work as pluggins, are not 64 bit compliant and won't work in CS5.  They do work in CS4